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Here at Painters Decorators Northampton, we have one goal, and that is to provide you with the best painting and decorating service! We love transforming homes and properties into the ideas that our customers envision. Currently, we have experienced and vetted contractors who are ready to serve you anywhere in the Northamptonshire county. Whether it is in Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough or anywhere in between, we are a phone call away. We will connect you with our vetted partners so that you have options to choose from.

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Many homeowners or business owners do either 1 of these 2 things. They try to do all the redecorating by themselves OR they go for the ‘cheapest’ recommendation. If you are inexperienced and try to do it yourself, then firstly, you will not have all the special tools to make things more easier, and second of all you may just makes things look worse because you don’t have the right brush type or you may have the wrong technique altogether. Oh, and not to mention, these things will just cause you to burn money. We don’t even need to address hiring ‘cheap’ or ‘bad’ contractors, because as they say, “you get what you pay for.”

Why Choose Us?

We have professional and experienced painters and decorators ready to serve you anywhere in the Northamptonshire county. Our contractors are vetted and have all years or experience and positive reviews, so you can rest assured knowing that you will get a quality service. Our contractors have all the up to date tools and equiptment to work fast and effectively. If you need advice and guidance then we can also provide expert advice on how to best renovate your property. Get in touch today! 

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Repainting and changing up the look and feel of ones home or business is an essential thing to do. It helps the building look and feel nice, and it helps your morale too. Or maybe it is a complete overhaul.

We can help with all painting and decorative services. Whether it is making the interior look nice, or exterior rendering, we have you covered. Call us up today and let us help you with your next project!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions? Check out our most Frequently Asked Questions to find the answer to your question. If you don’t find what you are looking for, then please do not hesitate to contact us because we can help you with all your painting and decorating needs!

That totally depends on the scale of the project. A simple living room decoration service, for example, can be completed in a couple hours. Whereas a more lengthy/bigger project which requires more paint and other resources can sometimes take a bit longer. We are qualified professionals, so rest assured the standard of work will be top quality!

Yes of course! If you know exactly what needs doing and you know exactly what you need to purchase, then by all means contact us and we will only charge you for our labour. We can also advise on the best quality paints and ideas if need be.


Yes absolutely! Please call us on 0808 164 8322 or click here and fill out the estimates form as best as you can!

In most cases we will always complete our assigned projects within the quoted timescales. However, sometimes it may go over the timescale due to multiple reasons. If this happens, then we will put extra resources where possible and we’ll try to complete it as soon as we can. We will not charge for extra time if we are not at fault.


We are confident that we can help with pretty much all of your decorative and painting needs, so call us on 0808 164 8322 or fill out this estimates form and we will get right back to you!

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